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Quality and safety

Gender Surgery Amsterdam (GSA) offers you the highest quality of care. Your safety is our constant focus. As a patient, you can be confident that your treatment will be safe.


GSA is affiliated with the Zelfstandig Klinieken Nederland (Dutch Independent Clinics). We can carry out the ZKN quality mark, which means that we meet very strict requirements. Medical specialists always work in a clinic and the rooms and equipment are safe and hygienic. You do not have to deal with (long) waiting lists and you can be sure that the treatment will be according to plan. Clinics affiliated with ZKN score high in terms of customer satisfaction. For more information about ZKN, visit

What do we do to guarantee your safety?

GSA works in accordance with the guidelines of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Plastische Chirurgie (Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery). All our actions are described in protocols and work instructions. This is also incorporated in a quality system. Our safety management system is all about working safely; incidents, complaints, improvement proposals and risks are reported and analyzed in this system, after which the resulting improvements are implemented.

The topics of quality and safety and the latest scientific developments are standard items in team meetings. GSA has a high level of hygiene, with regard to employees, clinic and equipment. This is closely monitored. The quality and safety is guaranteed through internal and external audits. Internal audits are checks by our own employees to see whether work is being carried out in accordance with the applicable protocols and work instructions. External audits are performed annually by a hygienist and expert sterile medical devices for hygiene and sterility within our clinic. Kiwa assesses compliance with the ZKN quality mark. Kiwa is one of the world's top 20 in the field of testing, inspection and certification. The hospital pharmacist checks proper management and storage of medication. The IGJ regularly checks our locations for quality and safety legislation and regulations. This Healthcare and Youth Inspectorate is a Dutch government agency, responsible for monitoring the quality of care, medical products and youth assistance.

Operating rooms at the highest level!

The operating rooms of GSA comply with the latest legislation and regulations in every conceivable area. The operating rooms meet the latest WIP* guidelines for implant surgery. That means that we have an operating room Class 1 and performance level 1, this says something about the extent to which the air treatment of the operating rooms is controlled.

* The WIP is the Infection Prevention Taskforce, established by the Dutch Association for Medical Microbiology (NVMM Dutch Association for Medical Microbiology), the Association for Hygiene and Infection Prevention in Healthcare (VHIG Association for Hygiene & Infection Prevention in Healthcare) and the Association for Infectious Diseases (VIZ Association) infectious diseases). It has since 1988 issued national guidelines for infection prevention for healthcare institutions.

Measurable quality?

We constantly measure our performance. We strive to deliver the demonstrably best quality. That is why we measure the results of our breast augmentation with PROMS called "outcome measurements". Our specialists need to know to what extent the intervention was successful. And you as a patient determine to what extent this is also the case by indicating to what extent your “quality of life” has improved after the treatment.

Taking these outcome measurements is a complicated and intensive process. But it provides a lot of valuable information: it is our proof that we are really doing better than our competitors. But it also shows where there is still room for improvement. Because no matter how well we do it, it can always be even better. You can help us with this by filling in the requested questionnaires.

Registered and certified healthcare providers

All plastic surgeons working at GSA are BIG and MRSC (Medical Specialist Registration Commission)­ registered and leading specialists with an impressive track record. The BIG register provides clarity about the authority of a care provider. The qualities of our medical specialists and employees are tested on a structural basis. They regularly visit in-service training days and congresses. In addition, all our healthcare providers are qualified and specialized. All our employees keep their knowledge up-to-date with additional training, further training, workshops and training. By exchanging information and consulting each other about specific problems of patients and/or clients, they work together on the high quality level that GSA stands for. A level that not only applies to the treatment, but also to the intake, pre-treatment and after-care.


You can also contribute to our quality by, for example, informing your treating physician in detail about complaints, medication use, lifestyle, etc. Ask questions when something is not clear to you or if you are concerned. Feel free to contact our employees if you have any doubts or questions about, for example, compliance with hygiene rules. This is how we work together on optimum safety at GSA.

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